Welcome to the official GingerBeats website. GingerBeats is a New Orleans based DJ and music producer. With focus being mostly on original production of House and Dubstep, GingerBeats is known to produce Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, and other styles of music as well. Click on any of the pages to see or hear more.
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GingerBeats is a 22 year old electronic music producer and DJ from New Orleans. His original productions have been been featured on official videos by Illumasport, Red Bull, and HBO, won contests on Indaba Music, licensed by Getty Images Music, and aired on Tulane Radio as well as the British radio show "Circadian Tales".


He also helped start Elektro at club Republic where he's shared the stage with Force Feed Radio, High Top Kicks, Kthulu Prime, and others. He produces mostly progressive house, electro house, dubstep, and hip-hop but has also produced many other genres of music.


"Chopped Chaos" was used in the official promotional video for illumasport.com. "Vicious Infatuations (ft. Filey)" won him Indaba Music's Hot Sound Competition, and the song was licensed by Getty Images Music where it was subsequently picked up by Redbull and HBO and used in their videos. "Blacklight" worked its way to housecharts.net's 7+ Club.


"Aggression" and "Dr. Pumpkinhead" were played in different instances on WTUL (Tulane Radio). His song "Crazy Neighbors" aired on the British radio show "Circadian Tales".

About this Site



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Email: booking@gingerbeats.com

About this Site